Our pancakes
Buckwheat or wheat, find out all about these specialities from Lower Brittany

Pancakes with Black Wheat

The short history of the buckwheat pancake

In Brittany, and especially in Quimper, buckwheat pancakes should not be confused with buckwheat galettes, as they are not the same products. In Gallo country or Upper Brittany, the buckwheat pancake or galette is exclusively savoury, the famous "galette-saucisse". Made from water, buckwheat flour and salt, it is thick, soft when cooked and has holes in its surface. The crêpe de sarrasin basse-bretonne is visually finer, brittle after cooking and has a smooth surface with no holes.

At Vieux Quimper, you won't find buckwheat pancakes, but buckwheat crêpes! To make our batter, we use 100% Breton flour, guaranteed 100% gluten-free. They're called "buckwheat" crêpes, but buckwheat isn't wheat. It's buckwheat, which belongs to the same family as sorrel and is therefore gluten-free. Our recipe for buckwheat pancakes contains: buckwheat flour, water, salt and eggs. We've been using the same recipe for generations...

Specialities to try at Vieux Quimper

Our crêperie offers traditional buckwheat crêpes with a modern twist!

If you'd like to try the house speciality, just ask "Un Pavé.
The basic filling is hearty: ham, cheese, egg and mushrooms, to which you can add andouille sausage, bacon, sausage and Provençal tomatoes. If you're a big eater, it's very hearty.

For gourmets and lovers of authentic taste, ask for the crêpe "Saint Jacques and its green salad: topped with button mushrooms cooked in crème fraîche and slices of smoked bacon, a real treat.

As with the wheat crêpes, our head crêpe maker Ben can be particularly inspired and offer you a buckwheat crêpe of the day, so take a look at the menu.

Pancakes au Froment

Discover our sweet specialities

The possibilities are endless! With a fruit base, flambéed or served with ice cream, you'll love our wheat pancakes!

Wheat pancakes with browned apples can be served with a choice of freshly squeezed lemon, toasted almonds with Quimper honey, toasted almonds and homemade salted butter caramel.
Pancakes with fresh pearsPoached in syrup, they'll be served with chocolate and homemade whipped cream for those with a sweet tooth, toasted almonds and homemade salted butter caramel, or as a Belle Hélène pear for those with a sweet tooth...
For pancakes bananaYou'll also have the choice of chocolate, with or without homemade whipped cream, with coconut or lemon, or "Banana Split" with 3 scoops of ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, roasted almonds, chocolate and homemade whipped cream... Then it's time for a digestive stroll through old Quimper.

And let's not forget the crêpes flambées Several spirits are available to accompany your crêpe: Lambig artisanal du manoir du Kinkiz, Cointreau "Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge", or our rum:

  • Crepes flambéed with orange jam, chocolate and Cointreau
  • Apple pancakes with homemade lambig
  • Pancakes with salted butter caramel and lambig
  • Banana, chocolate and rum crepes...

For butter wheat pancake with a scoop of ice cream and salted butter caramelJampi's traditional ice creams come in a range of flavours: vanilla, salted butter caramel, cocoa, coffee, etc.

Depending on the day, the market and Ben's mood, let yourself be surprised by Pancakes of the dayand consult the slate:

  • La Snicker's: Vanilla ice cream, Snicker's sauce, peanuts, homemade whipped cream
  • La Fraise de Plougastel: Plougastel strawberries, vanilla ice cream, homemade red fruit coulis, toasted almonds, homemade chantilly cream
  • La Forêt Noire: fresh cherry confit, homemade chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream, homemade whipped cream