Welcome to the crêperie Au Vieux Quimper ! 

An authentic crêperie 

The crêperie Au Vieux Quimper is a landmark in the history of the crêpe in Quimper, in the south of Finistère, a place rooted in the history and heritage of the old stones of the historic centre.

A history in the making since 1956

Our crêperie has been perpetuating Breton know-how since 1956, while adapting to changing culinary trends. The crêpe, not to be confused with the galette, is one of the specialities of Western Brittany!

The founder of the place moved to rue Verdelet in 1956. The crêpes were made directly in the fireplace, which can still be seen behind the closed bed still present in the crêperie and marked with the 1899 seal.

Today, we won't be asking you to bring your lump of butter in exchange for a few crêpes, as used to be done in the old days, but the setting is still steeped in Breton culture, so dear to the Bretons themselves and to the many visitors who for many years have made "Vieux Quimper" an essential part of their visit to Quimper.

An atmosphere a must

Au Vieux Quimper is more than just a unique atmosphere where the accumulation of objects rhymes with the history of Breton culture. It is above all a story of people told through the objects gleaned by the different owners over the years since 1956.

Breton culture is rich, very rich indeed, and the atmosphere in the crêperie has reflected this for over 60 years.


Plates, statues, posters, closed beds, unusual objects... From anonymous objects to the great names of Breton art, eating wheat or "buckwheat" crêpes in an atmosphere typical of the history of Brittany and its artists is the promise of a successful "crêpes" evening.

Au Vieux Quimper: traditional crêpe recipes, a setting steeped in history, and an unrivalled taste handed down from generation to generation.