An authentic crêperie
in the heart of Quimper's historic quarter

Welcome to a place you haven't missed in Quimper's historic centre since 1956! Come and discover our crêperie, a benchmark for Breton cuisine in South Finistère.

All the gastronomic savoir-faire of Brittany awaits you in our unusual and authentic setting. We perpetuate the heritage and culture of our region through our crepe recipes, which are both rooted in tradition and very much of their time!

The history of the crêperie

The Au Vieux Quimper crêperie was opened in 1956 in the rue Verdelet, in the heart of Quimper's historic centre. Back then, the crêpes were cooked in the fireplace, which can still be seen in the dining room. Our working methods may have changed since then, but we've kept the tradition alive not only in our recipes, but also in our decor, which is steeped in Breton history and culture.

Come and immerse yourself in our traditional crêperie, with its collection of objects bearing witness to the history of Finistère, handed down from generation to generation. Our crêperie will take you on a journey back in time to the heart of Breton culture!

Come and enjoy a gourmet break from the daily grind in your Au Vieux Quimper creperie!

Our opening hours

In July and August

Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.45am and 6.45pm

We serve as long as the "billig" are hot

Reservation by

The rest of the year

Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.45am and 6.45pm

We serve as long as the "billig" are hot

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The news of the Au Vieux Quimper creperie

Old Quimper in météo à la carte on France TV

Tradition: Chandeleur is celebrated in the pancake capital! On Candlemas Day, France Télévision made a stopover at the "Au Vieux Quimper" crêperie. With one crêperie for every 1,500 inhabitants, Quimper is regarded as the crêpe capital of France. So it's no coincidence that Camille Caylou took a tour of the butter square to find out all about this tradition...

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